How long will it take to edit my document?

Your requested job will be completed within the turnaround time that you pay for. We count only the time between 8 AM and 10 PM Sunday–Thursday and 8 AM and 6 PM on Friday, all times being in Pacific Standard Time. So, for example, if you select 8-hour editing and submit a document at 9 PM on Monday, it will be ready by 3 PM on Tuesday. Read the Terms of Use for more information.

What if I have special requests for my document?

When you submit a document, you can leave comments on anything you would like us to address.

Will you write my essay now that I have all of the evidence organized in an outline?

We will edit (not write) your document. Our job is to improve the rhetorical effectiveness of what you have already written.

How will I get my edited document back?

You will be sent a Word document with the track changes feature on. You can turn track changes off when you don’t need it or to print off the document. (When we send back the edited document, we will provide instructions on how to use the track changes feature on Word.)

What about British or Australian English?

We are experts in American English, but we can edit British or Australian English too. You can leave detailed instructions when you submit a document.

What kinds of files can I send?

You can submit a Microsoft Word file, a PDF file, or a TXT file. If your document is not a Microsoft Word file, then we will convert it to docx and send it in this format.

Which words are included in the word count that I pay for?

You pay for the number of words you send in. We will simply go by the number of words that Microsoft Word counts. Titles, quotations, and bibliographies are counted too. If you want only a portion of your document edited, then we encourage you to send in a document with just that content. This will make the word count process easier. Or, as you submit your document, you can leave a comment to explain what sections to ignore.

Do you accept every project you're sent?

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If we choose not to take your project, then we have very good reasons for doing so. If, for example, editing your writing puts us at high risk of revising a sentence to give it a meaning you did not intend, then we may not accept your job.

What if I am unsatisfied with the edited document?

(This is not a real FAQ because our clients don’t get upset with our work.) If you’re unsatisfied, let us know. We will immediately address your concern and stay in touch with you until you are happy.

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